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Selected Publications



  • Antiviral Innate Immunity

    • Fu Hsin, Yu-Chen Hsu, Yu-Fei Tsai, Shu-Wha Lin, Helene Minyi Liu. "The transmembrane serine protease hepsin suppresses type I interferon induction by cleaving STING". Sci Signal. 2021 Jun 15;14(687):eabb4752. doi: 10.1126/scisignal.abb4752.

    • Yi-Ting Lai, Yih-Mei Liou, Fu Hsin, Helene Minyi Liu. "Genotypic Regulation of Type I Interferon Induction Pathways by Frameshift (F) Proteins of Hepatitis C Virus". J Virol. 2020 Jul 16;94(15):e00312-20. doi: 10.1128/JVI.00312-20.

    • Jhih-Pu Lin, Yu-Kuan Fan, and Helene Minyi Liu, "The 14-3-3η Chaperone Protein Promotes Antiviral Innate Immunity via Facilitating MDA5 Oligomerization and Intracellular Redistribution". PLoS Pathogens. 2019 Feb: 15(2): e1007582.

    • Helene Minyi Liu, Fuguo Jiang, Yueh Ming Loo, ShuZhen Hsu, Tien-Ying Hsiang, Joseph Marcotrigiano, and Michael Gale Jr. “Regulation of Retinoic Acid Inducible Gene-I (RIG-I) Activation by The Histone Deacetylase 6.” EbioMedicine, 2016 Jul; 9: 195–206.

    • Helene Minyi Liu, Yueh-Ming Loo, Stacy M. Horner, Gregory A. Zornetzer, Michael G. Katze, and Michael Gale Jr. “The Mitochondrial Targeting Chaperone 14-3-3ε Regulates a RIG-I Translocon that Mediates Membrane Association and Innate Antiviral Immunity.” Cell Host Microbe, 2012. 11(5): p. 528-37
      Helene Minyi Liu, Michael Gale Jr.. “ZAPS electrifies RIG-I signaling.” Nat Immunol, 2011. 12(1): p. 11-2.

  • Publications arising from other work

    • Kuo RL, Tam EH, Liu YC, Woung CH, Liu HM, Wu GH, and Wu CC (2021) Role of the chaperone protein 14-3-3ε in the regulation of influenza A virus-activated beta interferon. J. Virol, Sep 2021.

    • Chang CY, Liu HM, Chang MF, Chang SC (2020) Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus nucleocapsid protein suppresses type I and type III interferon induction by targeting RIG-I signalling. J Virol. 94 (13) e00099-20; DOI: 10.1128/JVI.00099-20

    • Kuo RL, Li ZH, Li LH, Lee KM, Tam EH, Liu HM, Liu HP, Shih SR, Wu CC (2016) Interactome Analysis of the NS1 Protein Encoded by Influenza A H1N1 Virus Reveals a Positive Regulatory Role of Host Protein PRP19 in Viral Replication. J Proteome Res 15: 1639-48

  • Review articles

    • Liu HM (2021), “Intracellular innate immunity and mechanism of action of cytosolic nucleic acid receptor-mediated type I IFN against viruses”. IUBMB Life. 2021; 1– 10.

    • Chiang HS, Liu HM (2018) The Molecular Basis of Viral Inhibition of IRF- and STAT-Dependent Immune Responses. Front Immunol 9: 3086

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