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Recruiting Ph.D. Students

Helene Liu, Jul. 2018


We are looking for self-motivated students who are interested in virus-host interactions. Please contact us for more details.



For Undergraduate Students

Helene Liu, Mar. 2018


If you are interested in basic molecular biology and virology, you are welcome to make fun sciences with us! Please contact us if you wish to join us.

[Currently Closed] (2018/10/01)
Research Assistant Position in The LIU Laboratory of Molecular Innate Immunity

The LIU Laboratory of Molecular Innate Immunity at NTU is searching for a highly organized, enthusiastic and professional Research Assistant. Prior in vitro cell culture and animal handling experience preferred.

*Evaluate the induction of antiviral innate immune responses using in vitro cell culture techniques and rodent model systems. 
*Evaluate and interpret laboratory test results. 
*Maintain clear and accurate laboratory records, inventories and logbooks. 
*Perform data entry for research projects and maintain databases. 
*Perform standard molecular biology experiments. 
*Performs other duties as assigned.

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities: Knowledge of standard laboratory techniques; ability to follow detailed instructions; good communication and analytical skills. Strong background in molecular biology and microbiology required. 
Minimum Education/Training Requirements: Bachelor’s degree in a scientific discipline with a strength in molecular or cell biology

Please contact Helene Liu ( for further details.

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